Final Essay Assignment

Ken Tsang

Final Essay Assignment

Professor Gold

             What is technical writing? Referring back to the beginnings of this course, technical writing is referred to as a form a technical communication. Technical writing is a style of formal writing used in numerous fields such as, computer hardware/software, the financial world, and in the consumer industries, as well as in many other diverse fields. During the earlier years of technical writing, it was considered to be a serious matter where anything but a typed or written paper would only be considered.

            In my Final Project, not only did I portray my technical topic through the television series “Family Guy”, I had written my technical topic portraying the current time and the future. By accompanying my technical topic by meshing with the technologies of today, I was allowed to demonstrate the technicalities of baseball to a different perspective that you would not see in your original ways of technical writing. Being able to synchronize the current popular technologies and even adding entertainment in analyzing and interpreting ideas in a technical subject used to be somewhat taboo. Where the ways of the old fashioned technical writing would just bore most people in the current time, my Technical Project were suited accordingly the audiences of today. Now in reverse, Technical topics analyzed and portrayed without such technologies of the current/future, it would not be considered to be high quality.

            The type of genre I enveloped into my technical topic was a cartoon, “Family Guy”. Cartoons are suitable for all ages, from children to the everyday adult. Cartoons have been here for awhile, so most people would recognize it and even enjoy it. So why not interpret a technical topic in a cartoon, where not everyone would enjoy it by having a few laughs and tears, but also learn a technical subject along the way. The only issue I had with the genre that was chosen, was if the technical topic was clearly demonstrated and explained through the personalities of the characters in the show.

            If you were to compare the technical writings of the past to the future, you can easily see the differences. As if you were to listen to a technical topic written in the ways of the past being portrayed in the current time, you would either be dozing off or on your way to the nearest exit. In my technical topic, audience would not be based on their ages, and not even their education background. Compared to the past where technical writing was taken seriously and only viewed by a certain area of group, my project proves that technical writing can be viewed and enjoyed for almost about everyone. The styles and vocabularies used in developing this project was arranged according to the audiences, even if you don’t know any baseball terminologies, the language used to explain it was straight forward.

            The traditional ways of technical writing would be having a University Professor giving a speech on technical writing and having everyone nod their head even when not understanding a sentence at all. Unlike Professor Gold who is a specialized professional in Technical writing, everyone understands him.  

            What is considered to be an expertise? In the past where technology wasn’t a factor, the only way for information to transfer was by phone and mail. So chances are information would stay with the same person, or the local area. But nowadays, everyone is considered to be an expert in almost any subject given. With the aid of the Internet, high tech-ed phones, information can be transferred from continents in a matter of seconds. This would allow for anyone to understand and develop ideas that could not even of been discovered in the past from just a book.

With computers and software to aid you, being able to establish technical to a whole different level is something that was not for seen of the past from old fashioned technical writing.


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