Family Guy Meets Baseball

TKO Production Presents Family Guy Meets Baseball

 “The technicalities explained from the stand points of characters from Family Guy”

Scene 1: Peter sitting in front of fireplace.

Peter: Since Louis and Stuey are busy with their own business. I will take this time to explain the meanings of baseball…why might you ask? That’s a good question but I’ll answer that in another episode…

Scene 2: What is the game of baseball? Peter: What is a baseball game you might ask? Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players each, under direction of a manager, played on an enclosed field in accordance with these rules, under jurisdiction of one or more umpires.

Such as the following “Picture inserted of brawl from flickr* credited to Steviebreech”

Scene 3: Late to the game!

 Beginning Scene – Peter, Stuey, and Brian, Lois Scene acquired from

Peter: Hey Stuey, we should be heading out to the baseball game, we’re late…I bet your mother is having a fit. Stuey: Oh a baseball game, how exciting. More exciting than the time than the time I met Arnold.

 “Inserts picture of Arnold + stewie”

Picture acquired from flickr: Author credited to Gemellina

Scene 4: Angry Lois

 “Louis walks in all wet” WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?? I’ve been waiting at the baseball game in the rain because of a rain delay!

Peter: Peter uhhh….I was explaining the technicalities of baseball to our son..I see nothing wrong with a father and son bonding..

Stuey: How dare you talk like that to my father? TAKE THAT LOUIS!!

Louis: ahh forget it…I’ll go wash up and feed stuey a snack..he seems cranky cause he didn’t get a chance to go to his first game..

Scene 5: Stewie on Steroids.

Stuey: Yea you like these buff ehh Brian?? Im gonna be a baseball player and hit homeruns like Mark Mcgwuire… Louis: Whats a homerun? Brian: Well, a homerun is achieved when the ball is hit by the batter out of the field in between the foul poles.

Scene 6: Ending Last scene: Picture of Peter Even though there are dozens and even hundreds terms that can be used in baseball, I’m gonna have to end this here cause I don’t wanna take other people time out of their project.. “peter griffin laugh”


P.S. – Actual video will be saved on a USB flash, and will be shown during presentation


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