Final Essay Assignment

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Ken Tsang

Final Essay Assignment

Professor Gold

             What is technical writing? Referring back to the beginnings of this course, technical writing is referred to as a form a technical communication. Technical writing is a style of formal writing used in numerous fields such as, computer hardware/software, the financial world, and in the consumer industries, as well as in many other diverse fields. During the earlier years of technical writing, it was considered to be a serious matter where anything but a typed or written paper would only be considered.

            In my Final Project, not only did I portray my technical topic through the television series “Family Guy”, I had written my technical topic portraying the current time and the future. By accompanying my technical topic by meshing with the technologies of today, I was allowed to demonstrate the technicalities of baseball to a different perspective that you would not see in your original ways of technical writing. Being able to synchronize the current popular technologies and even adding entertainment in analyzing and interpreting ideas in a technical subject used to be somewhat taboo. Where the ways of the old fashioned technical writing would just bore most people in the current time, my Technical Project were suited accordingly the audiences of today. Now in reverse, Technical topics analyzed and portrayed without such technologies of the current/future, it would not be considered to be high quality.

            The type of genre I enveloped into my technical topic was a cartoon, “Family Guy”. Cartoons are suitable for all ages, from children to the everyday adult. Cartoons have been here for awhile, so most people would recognize it and even enjoy it. So why not interpret a technical topic in a cartoon, where not everyone would enjoy it by having a few laughs and tears, but also learn a technical subject along the way. The only issue I had with the genre that was chosen, was if the technical topic was clearly demonstrated and explained through the personalities of the characters in the show.

            If you were to compare the technical writings of the past to the future, you can easily see the differences. As if you were to listen to a technical topic written in the ways of the past being portrayed in the current time, you would either be dozing off or on your way to the nearest exit. In my technical topic, audience would not be based on their ages, and not even their education background. Compared to the past where technical writing was taken seriously and only viewed by a certain area of group, my project proves that technical writing can be viewed and enjoyed for almost about everyone. The styles and vocabularies used in developing this project was arranged according to the audiences, even if you don’t know any baseball terminologies, the language used to explain it was straight forward.

            The traditional ways of technical writing would be having a University Professor giving a speech on technical writing and having everyone nod their head even when not understanding a sentence at all. Unlike Professor Gold who is a specialized professional in Technical writing, everyone understands him.  

            What is considered to be an expertise? In the past where technology wasn’t a factor, the only way for information to transfer was by phone and mail. So chances are information would stay with the same person, or the local area. But nowadays, everyone is considered to be an expert in almost any subject given. With the aid of the Internet, high tech-ed phones, information can be transferred from continents in a matter of seconds. This would allow for anyone to understand and develop ideas that could not even of been discovered in the past from just a book.

With computers and software to aid you, being able to establish technical to a whole different level is something that was not for seen of the past from old fashioned technical writing.


Final Project Link to Movie

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P.S. – I am going to put the final essay on blog post incase it doesnt get through to you by e-mail.

Family Guy Meets Baseball

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TKO Production Presents Family Guy Meets Baseball

 “The technicalities explained from the stand points of characters from Family Guy”

Scene 1: Peter sitting in front of fireplace.

Peter: Since Louis and Stuey are busy with their own business. I will take this time to explain the meanings of baseball…why might you ask? That’s a good question but I’ll answer that in another episode…

Scene 2: What is the game of baseball? Peter: What is a baseball game you might ask? Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players each, under direction of a manager, played on an enclosed field in accordance with these rules, under jurisdiction of one or more umpires.

Such as the following “Picture inserted of brawl from flickr* credited to Steviebreech”

Scene 3: Late to the game!

 Beginning Scene – Peter, Stuey, and Brian, Lois Scene acquired from

Peter: Hey Stuey, we should be heading out to the baseball game, we’re late…I bet your mother is having a fit. Stuey: Oh a baseball game, how exciting. More exciting than the time than the time I met Arnold.

 “Inserts picture of Arnold + stewie”

Picture acquired from flickr: Author credited to Gemellina

Scene 4: Angry Lois

 “Louis walks in all wet” WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?? I’ve been waiting at the baseball game in the rain because of a rain delay!

Peter: Peter uhhh….I was explaining the technicalities of baseball to our son..I see nothing wrong with a father and son bonding..

Stuey: How dare you talk like that to my father? TAKE THAT LOUIS!!

Louis: ahh forget it…I’ll go wash up and feed stuey a snack..he seems cranky cause he didn’t get a chance to go to his first game..

Scene 5: Stewie on Steroids.

Stuey: Yea you like these buff ehh Brian?? Im gonna be a baseball player and hit homeruns like Mark Mcgwuire… Louis: Whats a homerun? Brian: Well, a homerun is achieved when the ball is hit by the batter out of the field in between the foul poles.

Scene 6: Ending Last scene: Picture of Peter Even though there are dozens and even hundreds terms that can be used in baseball, I’m gonna have to end this here cause I don’t wanna take other people time out of their project.. “peter griffin laugh”


P.S. – Actual video will be saved on a USB flash, and will be shown during presentation

Family Guy Meets Baseball

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In this final project, I will attempt to convey the characters shown in the show “Family Guy”. With the characters in the show, maintaining their character role personalities, I will piece scenes together matching the context. I’ll also dub the voices with my voice/others.  Without breaking the copyright/infringment, I will then combine all the mini scenes together with the dubbed voices and create a mini movie. Then explaining the technicalities of baseball as well as inserting cutscenes of  actual MLB baseball events of what is being explained, but as well as keeping both types of genres in synch.

MT Project Part Two

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Midterm Project

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When Microsoft first issued Vista, users found out there were software errors that would pop up left and right when accessing it. In this document, I will be showing the scenario in which how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with MS Vista Networking.

MS Vista Networking

Example One:

Example Two:

Example Three:

Based on the three examples, the analysis of networking shown in the three have many similarities, but also an escalating difference in their strategic formality. Based on  “A Concise Guide To Technical Communications”, one of the criteria that is looked upon is the “audience”, but in this case it is the readers. In this scenario, the information displayed between the three examples carry vast differences in the data that is shown. In example two, “Help with windows”,  if you aren’t well backgrounded in computer softwaring, you will have a hard time accessing and understanding how the processes work. – Example Two

In Softpedia, the information displayed is extremely cluttered with irrelevant information. You would have to read the entire document and seperate information that is not needed, inorder to find what you need. Unlike Example three, where the user can quickly locate the important imformation faster.

Finally shown in Windows Networking, is what I consider to be the most simplest and easiest solution to solving network issues. Its depiction which is provided shows step by step in where too look for, and what to do with it. – Example Three



Analyzing on example one, “Softpedia”, the language in which it was written was in a professional manner, in exception to a few parts of the documents. The design of the document is presented in a bulky format, where it feels unattractive to even look at it, rather than just reading it. Even so, the document does apply the visual part that is needed, to go along with the compatible information and data. This makes it convenient for the readers. Overall, this document is usable, but there are better ones.

Shown in Example two, “Help with windows” , the information that is given might not be explained in a way that a beginner would understand. In this example, it shows users on how to troubleshoot the network system by configuring the registry editor.  A definition of Windows registry is of the following. The Windows Registry is a database which stores settings and options for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, and user settings. So if you aren’t well backgrounded in computers, tampering with the registry editor could lead to bigger issues and problems, like hardware and software malfunctions. But then again, if you are a user with a decent amount of knowledge on how the registry editor, this document would make perfect sense to you, and be very useful. – Example Two

In Example Three, “Windows Networking” , this document in my opinion would be most suitable for about anyone. The language that it is written in is simple and easy to understand. The designing of this document was made in a convenient manner for the readers, following the data of information with a picture that shows what was being explained. The pictures being shown exemplifies how a perfect running network system would look.

Step 1:

Step 2:

This document would be suitable for most users for its usability.



P.S. I had trouble loading the direct picture onto blog, so I had to link the picture.


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It has been finalized, the company has chosen group 5 as their technical writing group. I chose this group because of their well assessed work that they analyzed about computer networking. Not only did their oral speech explain the qualities and purposes of computer networking, the visual part of the presentation synchronized to their speech.

The strengths was that they were able to explain the properties of what computer networking is in detail, allowing the viewers to understand, oral and visually.  One of the weaknesses was that some of the information given was stretched too long, which caused confusion on the main focus.

Comparing to the other groups presentation, it wasn’t too much of a difference based on each of the sharing, cooperation, and collective action alone, but overall Group 5’s work was more precise and collective.